Trimester Ending Brief

It is that time of year – report cards will be coming soon! Remember your child’s grade is based on participation and giving it your full effort (regardless of skill level).

We finished this trimester with a unit on Ultimate Frisbee and we are now playing a game called Sabakiball.  Its’ origins are in Japan.  We have made adaptations with equipment as we do not have the precise equipment but, it is a fast paced game which the students appear to be enjoying.

The primary focus of all of the units we have done this first trimester, with the exception of soccer, have been catching and throwing.  The mechanics of an overhand throw and the tracking necessary to learn to catch a ball.  In the heat of a game this becomes more difficult as the pace increases the accuracy of the throw decreases.

Even our young ones can work on catching and throwing!

We are in the upper field weather permitting, the parish hall or the extension portable. Keeping fingers crossed and praying hard, we are expected to be in the new gym early to mid January!  Yeah!

The students are looking forward to units in basketball and volleyball.

I am looking forward to the new year and all that it can bring.  Enjoy your holidays.  Blessings to you and Merry Christmas!!

Ms. B

Grading and Such

As we approach mid-trimester and our thoughts are turning to assessing students I wanted to share with families (I have shared with students as well) my grading policy.  Some folks may believe that everyone earns an automatic A in PE because it’s well, PE.  I agree that it shouldn’t be difficult to be wildly successful in PE, however, you have to be an active participant.  I grade exclusively on participation and effort.  You don’t have to have a skill set in any of the games we are playing and learning but you DO HAVE TO participate while giving it your best effort to earn an A.  This grading takes place over the course of the trimester.  Your students may love one unit and fully participate while not ‘liking’ or ‘being good at’ another and remain on the fringe of class hoping to not be noticed.  My long term goal is for your child(ren) to be active! Please discuss with your child(ren) and contact me should you have questions or concerns.  Again, it’s a privilege to teach your student(s) and a blessing to be here at SMM!  Go Irish!

Flag Football

Your students have been learning some fundamental skills of passing and throwing – overhand throwing motion that transfers to several sports.  We have played ‘simplified’ versions of flag football.  Of course, they want to play hard as I caution safety first and remind those players who are familiar with the game that not everyone has played before so be patient.  They have done well.  My goal, regardless of the activity, is participation and effort.

We will begin a soccer unit with different grade levels, as developmentally appropriate, doing different activities leading up to playing some soccer games.

It has been a blast!  Fortunately the weather has cooperated mostly and we have been able to be outside almost always.  As the rain comes in the challenge is to keep students engaged while we have “PE” in a classroom.

Thanks again, look for more posts as the year progresses.  Don’t hesitate to contact me should you have any questions or concerns.